Budget management is critical to project success. Our approach:

  • Establish clear budget parameters
  • Continually manage the budget
  • Perform formal milestone reviews
  • Obtain outside opinions


“Time is money” has never been more true. Blackbird Associates appreciates the acute importance of project schedule management. Our firm treats project scheduling as a continually on-going and interactive process. Schedules are:

  • Carefully planned, alternatives explored
  • Detailed, clearly assigning responsibilities
  • Documented and communicated to all involved
  • Continually updated and re-evaluated


The design and construction process is complex and time consuming. The only way to successfully complete the process is to keep the lines of communication wide open. Blackbird Associates pride ourselves on:

  • Periodic summary email reports to all on the team on every project
  • The ability to keep the entire project team up-to-date with accurate detailed documentation
  • Addressing challenging issues early and often, until resolved


The ability to make decisions quickly and cost effectively throughout the project process depends on having current accurate information. Blackbird Associates uses spreadsheet and database software extensively to:

  • Maintain project records
  • Continually monitor budget and schedule status
  • Continually track contract performance


Quality assurance at Blackbird Associates begins with a commitment to:

  • Exceed project goals, achieved by effective communication
  • Allocate time and value to formal milestone documentation review
  • Sit-down with the client for a page-by-page review of the documents at key milestones
  • Use standardized contract documentation to aid quality assurance