It’s not every day that one plans and builds a new building or renovates an existing building. The design and construction of a project is a lengthy and complicated process involving hundreds of people, regulatory agencies, and lots of money and time.

For example, we begin by helping our clients understand the cost, length of time and most of the anticipated steps their project will take. We spend time getting to know their operations and how they can achieve their goals at the best cost. We research materials and codes, evaluate numerous materials and how they might work together. We work with various engineers; and there is quite a bit of work involved with the many regulatory agencies too. We sometimes assist in finding a contractor and then spend a lot of time making sure that the contractor is building the project correctly for our client. And so on…

We have attempted in these short documents to describe the major steps in the typical project process. However, keep in mind that each project has its own specific requirements and many have more or fewer steps.