Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Roof Replacement

Project Details:

Client: Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Location: Grass Valley, CA
Size: 30,249 sf
Cost: $814,366

BA Role: Architect of Record
Category: Hospitals

Function: Infrastructure
Leak remediation
Roof replacement

Delivery: Bid

“As a very hands on California healthcare facility manager for thirty years I have a wealth of experience and background with the industry and the requirements needed to ensure building infrastructure systems reliability and be reflective of community pride.    The assembled team to accomplish these goals must be highly trusted, specifically trained, and able to  navigate our regulatory agency(ies).   Blackbird & Associates has been my personal choice at Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital for a full service licensed design team on every multidisciplinary construction project for the past eight years.  Hospital construction projects  whether they be large or small are very complex high risk activities and the need for a seasoned design team is critical to ensure successful completion.  Blackbird and their consultants always ensure all owner design input is achieved prior to submission for building permit, providing essential staff ownership and pride of project.   An area of significant expertise for Blackbird is construction coordination and phasing with existing operating departments.  Blackbird’s carefully crafted phasing plans identifying all possible risk factors during the course of construction are carefully vetted by staff prior to submission for regulatory review.  This thorough process by Blackbird really gives staff the incentive to assist with the  project during construction to further aid in the final successful completion. Construction Administration  by Blackbird is a well executed process established clearly in not only the contract language, but by the team.  Turnaround times for questions or additional regulatory requirements are always addressed quickly and routinely providing continuity of the important schedule.  Project closeout an activity that can be terribly time consuming, if the paper flow has not been properly executed,  is always brief, complete, and professional.  Blackbird is a design company I can and do recommend easily and with confidence of the services offered.”

Walt Bringman, Facilities Director
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital