Alzheimer's Residential Care Facility Master Plan:
St. Patrick's Golden Care Ranch

Alzheimer's Residential Care Facility Master Plan
  • Location: Orangevale, California
  • Size: 67,000 sf
  • Master Planner: Blackbird Associates

St. Patrick's Golden Care Ranch is a residential facility tailored to the needs of Alzheimer's patients and those with related dementia. Due to an excellent staff-to-resident ratio and high standard of care, the facility excels at serving "problem" residents often turned away by other facilities. This results in a strong demand for the bed space at St. Patrick's Golden Care Ranch. The master plan and new buildings strive to create an environment that provides residents a high quality of life, encourages self-sufficiency and offers a variety of stimulating experiences.

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Regional Community Facility Expansion and Renovation:
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Auburn

Sisters of Mercy Regional Community Center
  • Location: Auburn, California
  • Size: 67,000 sf
  • Cost: $13,125,000
  • Architect: Blackbird Associates

In order to provide a retirement center for aging Sisters of Mercy, approximately seven acres and 67,000 gross square feet of this site were rennovated. The site, home to seven buildings and thirty-four acres of rolling hills, was recontoured and reconfigured to provide the maximum accessibility for the Sisters and guests. In addition, site driveways were added and enlarged to provide emergency vehicle access. A 34-bedroom addition provides housing for the Sisters, allowing a transition from independent living to assisted living to nursing care. A new central plant building was added to allow consolidation and energy efficiency for the campus. The six-year planning and construction process involved the entire 100-member community of the Sisters.

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